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Hybrid Cucumber: Greenhouse-Parthenocarpic


Salma F1

Short type
Growing season: Early spring and fall production. Early maturity
Fruit: Shiny dark green, cylindrical, firm, crunchy, and ribbed.
Average length: 16-18 cm. Plant: multi fruited variety, strong vine
Adaptability to various agronomic conditions. Very good shipper and good shelf-life. Very good productivity.
Intermediate resistance to some races of PM, DM, CMV, CVYV and ZYMV


Karam F1

Short type
Growing season: Spring, summer and fall
Fruit: Dark green, cylindrical, average size 15-17 cm
Plant: Early maturity. High yielding multi-fruit hybrid. Short internodes and high quality production.
Good solid reliable and tasty hybrid
Intermediate resistance to Powdery Mildew, CVYV and CMV


Amrit F1

Short type
Growing season: Late fall, strong tolerance to cold night temperatures
Mid early maturity
Fruit: Cylindrical, shiny, dark green. Average size 17-18 cm
Plant: Very vigorous, large leaves and strong vine
High yielding hybrid. Single and double fruits through the production cycle
Intermediate resistance to CVYV, CMV and ZYMV


Montana F1

Short type
Growing season: Winter cultivation
Early maturity
Fruit: Cylindrical dark green
Average size 17-18 cm
Plant: Vigorous plant, strong side shoots, medium internodes, easy growing
Intermediate resistance to Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, CMV and CVYV


Piccolo F1

Mini type
Growing season: Summer and autumn production. Early maturity
Fruit: Baby cucumbers, dark green, firm. Average size: 10-12 cm
Plant: Strong plants, long stem
Very attractive cucumbers greatly appreciated by customers as well as by indiscriminate chefs and grocers.
Intermediate resistance to Scab, Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, and strong resistance to CMV, CVYV and ZYMV


Ascott F1

Long type
Growing season: Spring and summer
Early maturity
Fruit: Dark green, cylindrical, dense, average uniform length: 28-32 cm
Plant: High yielding. SHort internodes and high quality production
Good heat tolerance, attractive quality
Intermediate resistance to CVYV and CMV

Hybrid Cucumber: Beit Alpha - Open Field


Ruwad F1

Most effective in early spring and main spring season
Suitable also for summer and fall production
Significant early maturity
Dark shiny green color, ribbed
Average size: 13-15 cm, cylindrical shape
High productivity of nice marketable fruits. Concentrate setting. Widely adaptable.
Intermediate disease resistance: Multi Virus Complex and Powdery Mildew


Jadara F1

Vigorous plant, high yield, mid season maturity
Dark green glossy color, high uniform fruits
Average size 14-16 cm
Good crispy flavor
Very good productivity
Intermediate resistance to CVYV, CMV, ZYMV, PRSV and PM


Citadell F1

Main season maturity
Suitable for spring planting and early summer
Strong vine, partial parthenocarpic expression
Green color, fairly smooth skin. It maintains its cylindrical shape even if overgrown.
Suitable for the pickling industry. Average size 14-16 cm
Occasional spines in case of extreme weather changes
Intermediate resistance to CMV, MMV


Majeed F1

Early maturity. Suitable for early spring planting
Cylindrical shape slightly tapered at the end
Average size: 14 cm
Shiny green coiler. Ribbed
Good yielder. Medium vine
Intermediate resistance to CMV, MMV, PM and DM

Hybrid Cucumber: Slicer - Open field


Chicago F1

Early maturing, top performer gynoecious cucumber
Strong vigorous vine, long production cycle
Extremely prolific
High quality uniform dark green fruits
Average length: 20-22 cm
Intermediate resistance to some races of Anthracnose, Scab and Angular Leaf Spot, Downey Mildew and Powdery Mildew


Solon F1

Mid season, highly productive gynoecious cucumber
Length: 21-22 cm
Dark green color
It is progressively replacing the open pollinated slicers due to its strong adaptability and overall performance
Intermediate resistance to some races of Anthracnose, Scab and Angular Leaf Spot, and Downey Mildew and Powdery Mildew


Environmental circumstances, cultural practicies and geographical location are some of the key elements that can impact significantly crops results. The pictures in this site are intended as illustrations of the general type of the varieties and do not necessarily reflect the final product. All data and information represent averages to be used as guidelines and not as a guarantee of the final product. Apollo Seeds terms of Warranty, Exclusive Remedy and Limitation of liability sales conditions are fully applicable.

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