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Apollo Seeds™ has provided customers with excellent service and products since 2009. With the ever-changing dynamics of the vegetable seeds industry, our customers can depend on us to always be on the cutting edge. Customer service and quality are our main focus, with exceptional products and professional service throughout your order process. Our seeds are carefully tested, trialed and selected by a team of professionals to ensure that you receive high yield, high quality seeds.

Our Brands

With our expanding product portfolio, we have introduced two brands to the marketplace: Quantum seeds™ and Polaris seeds™. Through our brands, we aim to provide our customers with a range of exceptional products.


Apollo Seeds ™ has invested in technology to provide excellent seed enhancement services. Our team of seeds enhancement professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions that satisfy your market needs. The products we select for the seed enhancement are tested under different environmental and geographical conditions.

Quality Control

Our products are rigorously tested from production to your fields. Our lab engages in DNA, IEF, Germination, Purity, Vigor, along with other extensive seed testing in order to ensure that seeds are exceptional and of high performance.

Trial Stations

Apollo Operates two trial stations in Jordan where our products are rigorously tested under different conditions. Through our semi-annual field days, customers get to select new varieties, check on existing lines, and share their thoughts and needs. The trial stations are managed by a team of highly motivated and expert agricultural engineers who are always striving for product analysis and enhancement. We welcome potential customers to join us during our fields days.

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