Sweet Pepper

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  Name Description Category Producer Resistances
Amani F1

Very Good Setting, For Main Season Production 

Sweet Pepper Quantum Seeds
Cadix F1

Blocky, Good Yield & Continuous Setting

Sweet Pepper
Latour F1

1/2 Long Fruits Very Firm, Suitable For Shipping

Sweet Pepper Apollo Seeds
Lorenzo F1

Strong Plant, Long Fruits, Excellent Flavor

Sweet Pepper
Marcus F1

Continuous Setting, Uniform Fruits

Sweet Pepper
Yolanda F1

A Newly Introduced Lamuyo Variety, Very Good Setting Producing High Quality Fruits

Sweet Pepper Apollo Seeds
Kenza F1

New 1/2 Long Pepper For Open field Production

Sweet Pepper Quantum Seeds
Barak F1

Excellent Variety In The Blocky Segment, Heavy Fruits

Sweet Pepper Polaris Seeds