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Cylindrical Uniform Fruits, High Yielding

Resistances PM, WMV, SqMV

Attractive color, Early Production, High Quality

Open Plant, Glossy Dark Green Fruits

Strong growth, Attractive & Stable Color, Excellent Production

Resistances PM, Moderate VR

Strong Open Plant, Easy Picking, very Good Quality

Resistances IR, PM, WMV, ZYMV

Good Performer In Areas Of Viral Pressure, High Quality Fruits

Resistances HR, WMV, ZYMV, SLCV (Partial)

Bulbous Squash, Very Uniform Fruits, High Production

Tolerates Physical Stress, long productivity, Easy Picking

Resistances PM, WMV, ZYMV

High Quality Greyzini Squash, Very Good Yield

Resistances PM, MVR

Ball Squash, Excellent Uniformity